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Time Machine: Inherit Backup Using `tmutil`

Time Machine uses a unique ID (UUID), which is specific to a volume (i.e. a partition of a disk), to associate the volume with its backup. In OS X releases before 10.7 Lion, when people exchanged their disk or migrated to a different Mac, this feature has made it difficult to get Time Machine to continue adding to the backup history of the previously used disk.

In OS X Lion and now also OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, there is a nifty new Terminal command called tmutil, which makes this whole drama a breeze.

Fix Apache Bench (‘AB’) on OS X Lion

The popular web server benchmark tool Apache Bench, better known as ab, comes built in with the Apache httpd web server of OS X, but it has serious issues with the latest relaese, OS X Lion. To add insult to injury, the official release has another bug that manifests itself fatally on OS X Lion. This latter bug is related to a feature that was added recently and it breaks ab on IPv6-capable hosts. Even if you have never heard of IPv6, OS X Lion has IPv6 built in.

The latest development version of Apache (Subversion trunk) has a fix for this bug, however this fix is not yet available in a regular release.

This is a short tutorial on how to compile ab yourself.

Share Media Files Between All Users

The following procedure allows you to create a folder /Users/Shared/Media (referred to as the media folder) with special access control settings that have the following effect: Any file or folder that is copied into the media folder becomes available to any current and future users on the same Mac. This means that all users will be able to edit, move, rename, and delete the files and folders within the media folder.

Multiple Identities in Apple Mail 5.0 for Lion

Apple’s still does not support multiple sender identities, such as for example "John Doe" and "Johnnie" through the graphical user interface. However, there is a hint how it is done in Apple Mail up to and including Snow Leopard.

In Mac OS X Lion, Mail has reached version 5 and Apple has introduced a new layout for Mail’s Library folder, which is called "V2".

Here’s how you can still use multiple identities in Lion.