Simon Heimlicher

Simon Heimlicher

I am passionate about transforming organizations to get out of people's way to let them achieve more – together. While change is never easy, I enjoy addressing the issues that invariably arise when people bring all their energy to bear on a tough challenge.

Over the past years, I had the privilege to contribute to the digital transformation of

UBS AG, the largest wealth manager worldwide. I enjoyed a number of different perspectives at this journey the bank is still continuing to this day.

Some of the highlights were:

Along the way, I learnt, how crucial it is to constantly evolve the collaboration model to enable each member of the organization to thrive and bring to bear their passion for changing the way clients interact with UBS.

  • After shaping the launch of the Digital Factory of UBS Switzerland in 2017, I scaled up this agile collaboration model for the global program to bring WeChat and WhatsApp to our clients in 2018 and 2019.
  • In 2019, I adapted the Digital Factory model to improve the effectiveness of a global delivery organization comprising 120 people from business and IT.
  • From 2020, I have been developing and implementing a novel model that unites project management, product management and business service management to cover the entire lifecycle of customer journeys in an agile environment. This model optimizes for both time to market for new journeys as well as operational efficiency of the existing journey landscape.

Before I joined UBS, I followed my thirst for the unknown and completed a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich. I then spent three years abroad in industrial and academic research at institutions such as Technicolor in Paris. For more information, please refer to the research section.

You can reach me via email: s m n h i l c e . o \ / \ / AT \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ i o e m i h r c m

  1. The only type of electronic signature that is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature in Switzerland ↩︎

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