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AboutSimon Heimlicher A passionate leader

Over the past ten years, I have had the privilege to gain valuable insights from some of the most accomplished leaders in the fields of leadership, organizational transformation, and strategy execution at a global scale.

These experiences have been gained through my work with companies ranging from startups to multi-national banks.

Hidden potential

During this time, I have developed a passion for assisting my colleagues in unleashing more of their potential, regardless of their background, organizational role, or age.

I firmly believe that leadership is more crucial now than ever, especially given the rapid pace of change in fields such as machine learning.

Sparring partner for leaders

I feel particularly honored when aspiring leaders reach out to me for guidance and advice, especially when they face new and particularly difficult situations. I take great pleasure in sharing my insights on leadership and transformation through my writings and recommendations of books, which can be found on my website.

I am an avid reader and like to share my insights from books on topics such as leadership and transformation on this website.

As someone who is always seeking new challenges and opportunities to evolve my thinking, I encourage you to [Personal information, requires JavaScript] .

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