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Fix iCal's Look in Lion

iCal and Address Book in OS X Lion have acquired the pheuomorphic look of their counterparts in iOS. While the changes in functionality of Address Book are not easily fix, at least the look of these two applications can be improved.

iCal in Lion — Fixed

Update: Here’s a similar blog post, which has a fix for both iCal and Address book and even includes a convenient installer:

Simply download the following tar and extract it in /Applications/ as root.

  1. First, create a backup of your iCal: sudo tar cjf /Applications/iCal-Original.tar.bz2 -C /Applications
  2. Then extract the tar archive, while implicitly changing directory to /Applications/ tar xf ~/Downloads/ical_lion_fix.tar -p -C /Applications/

To restore the original iCal, run the following command: sudo tar xf /Applications/iCal-Original.tar.bz2 -p -C /Applications

Resources to fix iCal’s Look in Lion