Book reviewPowerful by Patty McCoord

How does a startup turn into a corporate behemoth with layers upon layers of policies, processes and rules? It happens one mishap at a time if that event is seen as a mistake that is never to be made again. In her book Powerful, Patty McCoord lies out her personal account of how Netflix almost got an expense policy – but avoided going down that path and instead relying on a no rules culture.

A key principle of the Netflix culture is to treat employees as adults. But not just any adults: adults that are powerful. And this difference in mindset appears to be key to letting people achieve astonishing results.

As for empowerment, I simply hate that word... What I came to understand deeply and in a new way once I made my way into the scrappier start-up world is that people have power. A company’s job isn’t to empower people; it’s to remind people that they walk in the door with power and to create the conditions for them to exercise it. Do that, and you will be astonished by the great work they will do for you.

Powerful by Patty McCord